About Glenn Mollette


Glenn W. Mollette
Family: Married to Carole,
Children: Jared, Zachary, Kaitlin, Christina, Katherine
One Grandson – Jameson Oliver Mollette
Two Grand daughters – Charley Johnson and Ella Sword
One Son n Law – Jacob
Publisher of Newburgh Press, Liberty Torch and various other publishing imprints.

National Columnist –  American Issues and Common Sense opinions, analysis, stories and features appear each week In over 500
newspapers, websites and blogs across the United States.

Radio: Heard each week on Sirius XM 131 radio.
Heard on various other stations throughout the country.

President, Newburgh Theological Seminary, June 2003 to Current. School began with an idea and today has over 6000  students and alumni  in all fifty states and over forty countries. Counting adjuncts, Administration, and all full time workers the school has over fifty staff members.

– Newburgh Seminary provides Christian ministry and theological training to ministers and Christian workers around the world.

Other projects include:
– Safe Fresh Water provides safe water wells to African villages
– Newburgh Press publishes inspirational, Christian books
– Helping America’s Families provides free food to unemployed and underemployed American families.

Glenn has been involved in Humanitarian relief since 1988.  He served churches from 1971 through 2010 throuhout Kentucky,
Ohio and Indiana.


  • Author of Eleven Books – His most recent books are titled, Grandpas’s Store, A Reflection of my Childhood and American Issues, Every American Has An Opinion.  American Issues will be featured in The New York Times Book Review section on Sunday, June, 2.   ( All books may be purchased at http://www.amazon.com
    BarnesandNoble.com or ordered from your local bookstore. 
  • Church Growth 101: A Church Growth Guidebook for Ministers and Laity. Church growth is widely used by Newburgh students and recommended by them to their friends. Excellent tool to develop your skills in sharing your faith and leading your church to grow.
  • Silent Stuggler: A Caregiver’s Personal Story – The most widely read caregiver’s book in America. Published in 2000 the book continues to be a classic read for anyone in a caregiving situation.
  • Nursing Home Nightmares, America’s Disgrace- Don’t go to the nursing home without first reading this book!
  • Fitness Is A Mind Game – This book continues to grow as one of America’s outstanding books on developing the kind of fit life that you want.
  • The Adventures of Russell Walter – Every Child has some of Russell Walter in him or her.  Join Russell on the yellow bicycle and begin your adventure of a lifetime!

The Spiritual Chocolate Series is a collection of inspirational writings. These books will begin or end your day with a good pick me up dose of inspirational thoughts, insights and feelings that will make you feel good throughout the day.

  • Spriritual Chocolate: Inspirational Delights for the Heart
    Spiritual Chocolate for the Christmas Season
    Spiritual Chocolate: Prayer-Filled Delights
    Spiritual Chocolate for Friends and Special People
  • Media

Glenn also enjoys playing the guitar. He has played since eight but dropped it for many years. In recent years he has rekindled his appreciation for the instrument. Recently he
bought a fiddle.

  • Song Writer – Author of dozens of songs. Hear Glenn’s music on ITunes, Youtube, Amazon.com and many other places. His first CD is titled, Just For Fun and features 13 songs written, sung and coproduced by Glenn, Carole, Randy Lanham and Steve Goodie.
  • Just For Fun
  • Cruising Down The Road
  • Old Blue Jeans
  • The Bug
  • On My Knees Again
  • Rest Awhile
  • Dance With Me
  • Stay With Me
  • Jesus Is My Friend
  • Old Friend
  • Let That Old Flag Wave
    Get Us Out of Afghanistan
  •      Take Your Oil and Stick It In Your Ears   …and numerous others.
  • Books and music may be bought at www.amazon.com or via other online  or traditional outlets. Cds may be bought ad CDbaby.com
  •   He can also be heard each Sunday night on XM radio 131 at 8 EST.

Education:  Graduate of Lexington Theological Seminary, Lexington, Kentucky
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky,
Georgetown College, Georgetown, Kentucky
Graduate of Sheldon Clark High School, Inez, Kentucky

Early Life Glenn was raised in a coal mining family in Martin county, Kentucky.
His dad Walter worked thirty years in underground coal mining. His mother Eula focused on homemaking, raising five children, and working as a teacher’s assistant.  Martin county was visited by President Lyndon Johnson in 1964 and was publicized as the poorest county in the United States. Pictures of President Johnson on the porch of Tom Fletcher a Martin county resident flooded the media throughout the United States. The Mollette family was a hard working family with Walter spending fifty to sixty hours a week in West Virginia coal mines, Eula managing five children, and the entire family involved in corn, livestock, strawberries,  gardening and tending the family farm.

Glenn’s early childhood was spent helping on the family farm and hanging out at his Grandpa Hinkle’s country grocery store. He grew up playing sports, bike riding, mountain excursions, music and writing. His first childhood jobs were selling Grit newspapers and seeds.

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